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Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10820
Do you own an expensive shotgun or rifle that requires the utmost in protection for its stock and metal finishes? Then consider Rugged Gear's new Fine Gun Holder Covers with the following features and benefits: Made from extremely soft cream-colored polyester with Sherpa Faux backing...
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 50133
Thumbscrews.  They are included with the 2 and 4-Gun Removable Floor Mounts and also our 4-Gun Shooting Carts. Our adapter plates also come with thumbscrews. If you need replacements, this is what you need...
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10781
Center Mount Hook for 2/3 gun cart.  Radius reducer not included...
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10783
Center Mount Hook for 4 gun cart.  Radius reducer not included.  4 per package...
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 16181
Rugged Gear's Large Gear Bag has been designed to add even more storage space to the 4-Gun Shooting Cart. It has a divider that can be inserted with hook and loop fastener or folded down for one large compartment...
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 15210
This holster set includes left hand and right hand leather holsters made in America. Also included are aluminum brackets with clamps to mount them to a 2, 3 or 4 gun shooting cart or frame tube. The holsters are made of 5 to 6 oz leather with high strength 4 oz waxed thread. These holsters will..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10818
Oak 4 gun pistol holder for the 4 gun shooting carts. This holder attaches to the shooting cart in front of the 4 stock holders on the lower horizontal bars of the shooting cart, allowing easy access to your pistols without interference with either your shotguns or shell storage.  Hand made in ..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 50703
Mesh bag with two buckles attaches to handle of 4-Gun Shooting Cart...
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10816
Muzzle down shooters, especially those using chokes on their guns, have found that the continual jarring of the barrels against the barrel pockets causes the fabric to wear over time.  These handy pocket protectors, made out of durable, real, black leather, will protect your shooting ca..
Novelty Shotgun Writing Pen
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Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 99101
Novelty shotgun pen with real shotgun action!  Are you keeping score at your SASS, Trap, Sporting Clay, or Shooting event?  Then impress your friends with one of these pens with real shotgun action!  A great gift for your gun enthusiast that can be added to any order...
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Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 50542
Universal Phone Holder is a great addition to Rugged Gear Carts, bikes, cars, strollers, golf carts, motorcycles, exercise bikes, and more. Simply clip your device - in any orientation - into the mount which attaches to Rugged Gear Carts as well as other items, and it's ready for use. L..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 50534
Protect your pistol from the elements and from rub marks using this silicone coated gun sock!..
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