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Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10812
Protect your pistols from the elements and from rub marks using this silicone coated gun sock!..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 15113
Included with Combo Packages. Completely covers the cart and its contents. Fastens on with hook and loop fastener. Double material over the butt stock area for more durability. T-zipper allows for easy access to contents of the cart. Cart can be pushed with cover installed.( 2-3 Gun co..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10800
If your gun holder is constantly exposed to sun, rain, or mud etc. or commercial use (e.g. hunting preserves), Rugged Gear recommends replacing the hook and loop straps on an annual basis or sooner, if upon inspection of the Hook and Loop fastener it is showing signs of wear. The kit inclu..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10834
Show your fellow shooters that your rifle's firing chamber is empty by inserting and displaying this rifle safety flag!..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 50739
Protect your hearing with a set of Rugged Gear ear plugs stored in a case that you can attach to your shooting cart using the key ring.  Never be without your hearing protection!..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10832
Rugged Gear Shooting Glasses delivers up to 20% more un-distorted peripheral visionHighly durable polycarbonate frames & lensesThree interchangeable lens colors, (clear, yellow, smoke)ANSI rated ballistics grade lensesEnhanced comfort for the optimal fitThese half rim frames ..
Brand: ShockEater Model: 50553
Classic style meets modern technology.Easily slips over most butt stocks, no gunsmithing or drilling requiredShockEater® recoil reducing insert is made with revolutionary Nano-Poly™ technology for maximum recoil absorption and secured within leather coverIncludes ..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 40020
These gun holders are standard equipment on our shooting carts. They will fit our competitors shooting carts and are a great upgrade to your non Rugged Gear shooting cart. The neoprene rubber protects your gun's wood stock or metal finish from damage and the U-bolt clamp secures the gun hold..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10817
Gun enthusiasts tend to overload the bottom of their shooting carts with gear.  Eventually, this weight and the jostling of the carts as they move, can cause the fabric to fail, or the seams to wear out.  This is not a problem with the fabric, it is a problem with how much gear is ..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 50533
Protect your shotgun or rifle from the elements and from rub marks using this silicone coated gun sock!..
Brand: Rugged Gear Model: 10819
Protect your shotgun or rifle from the elements and from rub marks using these silicone coated gun socks.  Get a 3 pack with one of each color: Green, Gray, and Fluorescent Green!..
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