What our customers are saying...

David Parbst, Orosi, CA:
"Just back from the Three-Gun Nationals; your Shooting Cart performed wonderfully, making the three days much easier between and at stages! As an aside, my brother and I used our Carts to take our cased long guns into the hotel."

John Drummond, Jasper, AL:
"Your Floor Mount is as good a gun rack as we have every had. I have used 3 or 4 different brands over the years, but I've never had anything that compares to it. When my guns are in that Rugged Gear Floor Mount, they don't wiggle, they don't vibrate, they just don't move at all! Used to be, I had to keep one eye on the road and one eye on my gun. You know, sometimes a guy has a $600-$1,000 scope on his gun; but even with an expensive scope, if your gun falls, it ruins a day in the woods. Now, after I strap it into my gun holder, I just don't worry at all! And I've used the Floor Mount now in several vehicles -- whenever I get a new vehicle, I just move the Floor Mount. I'm telling the truth; Rugged Gear really is the best gun holder in the world. Please send me some more catalogs for my friends who need to own the best!"

Ronnie Weiner, Basking Ridge, NJ:
"I have called Rugged Gear for information on two occasions and was treated wonderfully and patiently. Everyone was really helpful and cooperative. I will certainly do business with you again; thank you!"

Sherry Dickson (middled-aged PLUS lady shooter), Houston, TX:
"My shooting buddy and I have used your Rugged Gear Shooting Cart several times, and I'd like to commend you. It's a quality product ... we probably overloaded the Cart when we shot in our last tournament; but in spite of the load, the Cart rolled with no problem. The brakes are very effective, too. For transport, we don't take the wheels off. Instead, we just fold it up ... neither one of us ladies has any problem loading or unloading it. Thanks for designing the Cart. I've seen some guys who tried to build something of the same quality by piecemealing things together, and they failed MISERABLY. There's nothing like a Rugged Gear Shooting Cart!"

Paul Knudsen, South Sioux City, NE:
"I have been using your Overhead Mount Gun Rack in my pickup. This is one of the best ideas in the shooting accessory line! I found the guns are secure and out of the line of sight. I have carried every type of firearm, from hunting rifles to over/under shotguns and everything in between. I have never had a firearm come loose or fall down, or even bounce around when in the field. I strongly advise people who need to carry firearms in pickups to use these racks. hey are the best!"

John McKean, Fishing Springs, NV:
"I just finished using your Shooting Cart for the first time and I want to tell you how well it performed. As a three-gun shooter, I have to hump enough stuff to support a small revolution from one shooting stage to another. At my age, moving that much gear can attract paramedics, oxygen bottles and flashing red lights -- attention I can do without! So I was more than overjoyed to find that I could push my new Cart with one hand after loading a full house -- AR-15, my 26-inch Remington 1100, SV 38 super pistaol, speed loaders, magazines, ammo, tools, shooting bags, gummy bears, and drinking water. You can certainly count me as one very satisfied customer. Your product perfectly fills a real need in the three-gun shooting sport, and allows me to be a better competitor by making a hard task (moving my gear) delightful! Thanks again."

Josh Clark, Midland, TX:
"I would like to become a dealer of some of your products. I love my Rugged Gear mounts!"

Ed Edmiston, WA:
"I've shot at two clubs, and people are fascinated by your Shooting Cart! I've been asked about it probably 50 times. On very rugged courses, the hand brake came in very handy. And the fold-up feature works great! I can't say enough good about it!"

Steve Salmeri:
On the Shooting Cart: "Spectacular!"

Joel Becker, Clear Lake, IA:
"I use your products, and they are the best!"

Mark Fike, King George, VA:
"I finally got a minute to put the Overhead Rack in my truck. WOW!!!! Rave reviews... I LOVE IT! I have not been this excited about a product in a long time. Thanks!"

Tommy McDonald:
"I currently have your Floor Mount in my Jeep. The part I like, you can swivel the rack so it doesn't point at anyone. Even in rough terrain, my guns never fall out."

Rich Smith, Linwood, WA:
"When I first started using the Rugged Gear Shooting Cart, mine was the only one around here. Now I see a lot of people using it and there's no question why. Compare the competitors; theirs looks like garage mechanics built them! Yours is well built and well thought out ... I'm pleased to find thags as advertitsed, and your product certainly is!"

Jim Atkinson, Richmond TX:
"I'm really happy with my Rugged Gear Shooting Cart. It carries everything I need & it rolls with ease up & down the hills where I shoot. My favorite thing about it is how it folds down. I drive an Infinity I30 and that car has a really small trunk. I just pop the rear tires off the cart & it fits right in the trunk - no problem. It really is a great product. When I started shopping for a shooting cart I studied each one on the market. The Rugged Gear Shooting Cart was and is definitely the best one out there!"

Mark Fike:
"Both the Overhead Gun Rack and the ATV Light are GRADE-A NUMBER-1 in my book. I tell everyone I know about them. Most that see your gun rack are very impressed. My driving is not that easy on back roads, and the guns never squeak or rattle or get scratched up. The light gets tons of questions after everyone skins a deer or fixes a truck with it, while I just grin."

Garry Wright; Garry Wright Texas Adventures, Ingram, TX: 
"I am a professional hunter and have used Rugged Gear rifle holders for many years. I have used many different types of gun holders over the years, and yours are the best!"

Kendal Hibrei, Louisville, GA:
"I've got one of your racks in my pickup and I've been really pleased with it. I had one of your competitor's racks and it didn't hold my guns tight. You guys make great products!"

Dr. Tom Ryan,Spokane WA:
"The Shooting Cart is a spectacular product; well designed & put together. It's everything you said it is in your ad & I am very happy that I bought it. It is so nice to receive something of this quality when you send away for a product. I have been wanting to buy a shooting cart for a long time but I have never seen one I liked before now. This is the first & looks to be the last Shooting Cart I will have to buy. Thanks for such a fine product. You truly live up to your name - Rugged Gear."


"The Polaris Ranger 900XP adapter plate fits great, works as advertised, came with everything I needed, mount fits perfectly.   Just wanted to share my happiness and satisfaction.
Great product. Thanks."