Shooting Cart Load Strap Kit

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Shooting Cart Load Strap Kit

Gun enthusiasts tend to overload the bottom of their shooting carts with gear.  Eventually, this weight and the jostling of the carts as they move, can cause the fabric to fail, or the seams to wear out.  This is not a problem with the fabric, it is a problem with how much gear is put into the bottom of the carts!  Here is an easy solution for you.  The kit provides two load straps that are attached to the horizontal frame rails that run under the fabric as added support.  These straps will help support the fabric and in the end, will protect your cart fabric from failure.  A small price to pay to preserve the integrity of your shooting cart!  Maximum load capacities can still not be exceeded (60 lbs for 2 & 3 gun carts, 100 lbs for 4 gun carts).